Allist listed on “TOP 100 Hardcore Technology Enterprises in Shanghai in 2022"

On July 21, Shanghai Industrial Technology Innovation Conference with the theme of "Innovation as the Main Engine and Development as the New Kinetic Energy” was held, and released the "List of TOP 100 Hardcore Technology Enterprises in Shanghai in 2022". Allist was on the list, showing off its hardcore strength.


Innovation is the primary driving force for development and is an important cornerstone of Allist. Since inception, Allist has been engaging in the research and development of innovative drugs, and has successfully developed two Class 1 original new drugs in China. Allist will continue to fulfill the mission of "advancing long life with innovation of science and technology", and commit to continuously introducing innovative Chinese drugs with well-established efficacy and benefits for the public, bringing well-being to patients in China and even around the world!


List of Top 100 Hardcore Technology Enterprises in Shanghai in 2022

Hardcore technology is the frontier of high technology, and is also the navigator of future industrial development. Hardcore technology enterprises are mainly concentrated in integrated circuit, biomedicine, and artificial intelligence industries.


In order to foster and grow hardcore technology enterprises, to promote future industrial innovation breakthroughs, and to create the weathervane for industrial innovation, Shanghai Industrial Technology Innovation Promotion Association has carried out research on the innovation index of hardcore technology enterprises and established an evaluation system under the guidance of Shanghai Municipal Economic Information Technology Commission. 1,993 enterprises were involved in the evaluation for the "List of Top 100 Hardcore Technology Enterprises in Shanghai in 2022", which covered Shanghai’s national and municipal enterprise technology centers, listed companies, top 100 enterprises in emerging industries, top 100 private manufacturing enterprises and enterprises undertaking major municipal science and technology projects.